Lose weight, balance your body and feel confident in your skin once and for all.

Discover the ancient Vedic system that’s kept billions of women healthy, vibrant and beautiful for 5,000+ years

Wish you figured out how to eat and live for your unique body so that you can feel free and vibrant every day and stop worrying about your weight?

You totally can.


“I am so happy Neha helped me lose 40 pounds, and the gift of confidence and joy that she has given me is priceless!

I went to the doctor and was told that I would be put on medications that would have been given to 60+ year olds due to high triglycerides if I did not drop 40 pounds quickly. I didn't have time to experiment and I really needed guidance. That's when I found Neha while surfing through Instagram. I had expected to lose weight. I had expected to look great. I didn't expect it to feel easy, natural, and sustainable. I didn't expect it to feel fabulous.”

–– Ruchi Shah, New York

Here’s the deal:

You would LOVE to feel confident as can be in the way you look. Like, spinning in front of a mirror, wearing the body con dresses, going on all the dates, and posting all the selfies on Instagram levels of confident. That’s the ultimate dream.

But that’s just not reality for you quite yet. You're post-poning shopping and saying yes to your desires until you've lost some weight.

The gentlest way to say it is this:
You’re not happy in your body right now.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t feel GOOD either.

You’re comparing yourself to other women, and you always feel like you’re coming out on the bottom. How are they able to look like that? It seems so easy for them! But for you, it’s a serious struggle to lose weight — a struggle you’ve been stuck in for as long as you can remember. What gives?

Most of the time, you try to bury your head in the sand and avoid it...but it always manages to pop back up.

When you step on a scale, see a photo of yourself, or go jeans shopping, that’s when you REALLY notice how much your body has changed over the years. And that does NOT make you feel hot.

Sometimes you barely even recognize yourself.

Who is that girl in the mirror? I don’t know her.


And here’s the part that’s

hard to say out loud —

or even admit to yourself:

Your body is affecting your whole life — not just the way you talk to yourself behind closed doors, but how you show up in the world.

Maybe you don’t want to get dressed up or go out anymore. It’s yoga pants or black leggings and a baggy T-shirt all day every day, because that’s the only thing that feels comfortable. And when you’re forced to be social in public, you hide in the back of the group photos, angling your face just right so you can avoid the infamous double-chin shot. #relatable

Maybe your periods are getting worse and worse. Your skin is breaking out. You’ve got insomnia and you’re up late at night stuffing your face with junk food. Your hormones are out of whack, and you suspect food might have something to do with it.



There is nothing wrong with you. You just need to learn a new way of relating to your body, so that you achieve your goal weight

Let’s talk about what’s not working right now

(And don’t worry, I don’t judge):

You’re no novice when it comes to dieting. By now, you’re nearly a professional. Carb-free? Keto? Intermittent fasting? The Zone? The pickle and hot dog diet? Paleo? Vegan raw eating celery but only on Wednesdays? Check mark, check mark, check mark, check mark… “This time, it’ll be different,” you tell yourself.

The problem is, you’re an all-or-nothing perfectionist. The second you deviate from the plan, you might as well alert the cavalry, because mama’s about to go off the rails. Meanwhile, you’re wiping sauce from your upper lip as you go down the Instagram rabbit hole of before and after photos, telling yourself that you’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.

And by the way? Those diets you’ve tried? They aren’t customized to your unique body at all, are they?

Nope, they’re a one-sized-fits-none type of deal, where everyone and their grandmother is supposed to eat the exact same number of calories and food groups in the same amount — despite the fact that everyone’s body is completely different. How is that supposed to work?!

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.

Whenever sh*t hits the fan, you’re quick to reach for the nearest crunchy, salty, sweet, or ooey-gooey junk food available. And you don’t stop at just one. Oh, no, girl! You’re no quitter! You’re scarfing that whole bag! And then shame-burying it in the bottom of the garbage bin so there’s no evidence of the crime that just took place in your kitchen. I mean, if nobody knows it happened, did it really ever happen at all?!

And then there’s the tough stuff. The stuff you don’t want to admit to anybody. The moments where you think about your body and cry. The times you have to toss your iPhone across the room because you can’t look at another skinny girl in a bikini without feeling ashamed. The part where you wonder if it’s ever gonna get better, or if you’ll be trapped like this for life.


You want to feel SEXY!
You want to feel ALIVE!
You want to feel JOYFUL!

You want to confidently walk into a room and turn every head — including your own!

And yes, you want to look great naked too.

(Oh my God, did you hear that? It sounded like angels singing?)

If you’re feeling like that’s

a far off dream right now,

let me be the first to tell you

— it’s not.

You’re NOT destined to be overweight.
You DON’T have to be a slave to diets.
You DON’T have to torture/starve/abuse yourself to drop the pounds.
And you DEFINITELY DON’T have to go on this journey alone.


“I lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks and am amazed at how I feel so healthy from the inside out.

I wanted to learn about my body, I wanted to learn what foods and exercise would nourish and fuel my body in a healthy, sustainable manner. Neha taught me how to be mindful of my food intake. I was staying active, but not abusing my body with extreme workouts that would exhaust my body.

I’m a wife, a mother of 2, and Neha taught me how to find balance and prioritize my health. I learned so much about myself, my body and what makes me feel healthy and beautiful. This program is a way to kick start a lifestyle change. It takes dedication and effort, but with Neha’s guidance and motivation, I felt like a whole new person within 6 weeks.”

–– Samantha Poonja Kajani, Dallas, TX (Lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks)

Hi, I’m Neha

Before I became an Ayurvedic Weight Loss Expert, I was an average woman struggling to feel good in my body.

On paper, I had the dream life — I grew up in a privileged family in Mumbai, went to a great college (University of Chicago), and my work and lifestyle allowed me to travel the world (And I've been to over 60 countries!). But inside, all I really wanted to do was hide.

At my heaviest I weighed 90 Kilograms (that’s 200 pounds for you Americans). I was so uncomfortable, I found myself skipping nights out with my friends, avoiding dating altogether, being really anxious and approval seeking and second guessing everything I put into my mouth.

I’d put off the biggest and smallest aspects of my life like buying clothes I loved saying “once I lose the weight”, or allowing myself to date “once I lose weight”.


I could have given up, but I didn’t.

After recovering from my disordered eating, I was determined to feel good in my skin all while losing the excess weight I was carrying. And I found my answer in Ayurveda.

It was perfect for me because while I was ready to lose the weight, I didn’t want to give up my tasty Indian food in the process! I’m a not-so-secret desi-princess who loves her homemade dal and rice, and Ayurveda allowed me to eat foods that tasted delish and gave my body what it needed — without having to count micros and macros or driving myself up the wall with one of those free food calculator downloads.

We are not designed to be lunatics living life with food calculators. We are designed to eat natural, healthy food that feels intuitively good - and makes us look fabulous in the process.

It took me years to realise my “lack of self control” wasn’t the problem. The methods I was choosing to get me to my goals were! Only when I shut off the noise, turned to yoga, and learned about Ayurveda and its beautiful, holistic system of looking at the whole being did it click for me.

In addition to an Ayurvedic way of eating, I addressed my emotions, healed deeply, re-formed my thoughts and completely overhauled my self-image.


I learned that in order to change my body, I needed to change my relationship with myself.

When I did that — while simultaneously choosing different foods and exercise that took into account who I was — that’s when my body really transformed.

And that’s just the external piece! When I shed those 70 pounds, I felt overjoyed. It was like when those pounds came off, so did my insecurities. I was able to magnetize and date the most amazing guy for the first time ever. I could walk into a store and walk out with any pieces of clothing I wanted, because everything fit! #shoppingspree

I was able to travel the world without worrying about my body, wondering if I would gain weight on my next holiday. I finally felt carefree and happy in my body — and I knew this magic had to be shared with others.

What’s cool about Ayurveda is that it isn’t about taking some external diet and applying it to your body.

It is about understanding how your body is composed internally and then giving it what it needs.

It makes so much sense, right?!


Your body isn’t the same as anyone else’s body. Your cells are YOUR cells. Your hair is YOUR hair. Your hips are YOUR hips.

So why would you take an off-the-shelf diet and try to force yourself into a box made for someone else? Ayurveda is different.

Ayurveda focuses on eating foods your body needs, while your body arrives at its natural ideal weight.

The exact nourishing foods.The hydration. The sleep. The right movement.


Ayurveda is the OPPOSITE of that. It makes eating feel like the most natural thing in the world. And that’s exactly what happened with me — for the first time in my life, I felt confident that every move I made in my body was the right one for me.

It’s been YEARS since I discovered Ayurveda, and I’m happier and healthier than ever: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Now I teach my students how to use Ayurveda to achieve their health and wellness goals too. Students have dropped to 40 pounds in 4 months and 60 pounds in 6 months. They heal their PCOS. They balance their hormones. They change their lives by changing their body all with an Ayurvedic diet.

My unique framework is based on 3 parts:

1. An Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle:

This piece is your strategy - the roadmap that's going to help you with what to eat and what workouts to do to lose weight.

2. Emotions:

You need to address why you feel the need to severely restrict yourself only to binge later. One of my favorite things to teach is how to get off this rollercoaster all while losing the weight while you feel GREAT.

3. Energy:

You attract what you're a match for, and a dream body is no different. Your state of being affects how you execute eating and exercise. In addition to the nitty gritties of Ayurvedic strategy, I love teaching you how to become the epitome of good health from the inside out, what thoughts to think, how to change your belief system and how to manifest your ideal weight.

You’re losing the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and painful emotions that are standing in the way of you having everything you want. You’ll let go of what you’re ready to leave behind as you level up into a different state of being — physically and emotionally.

Now, it’s your turn to get off the

binge-restriction rollercoaster for good

and find a system you can stick with.


IS FOR YOU IF YOU ARE DONE SAYING “someday, I'll lose the weight..”



Just picture what’s possible when you know how to create balance while eating for your unique body. (And yes, that includes bread, fruit, and chocolate. Mmm. Chocolate.)


You’re finally eating based on what your body needs. No more out of control cravings or reaching for any food that’s in sight that comes from an emotional wound. You’ve cleared the pattern, and you know exactly how to feed your body in every moment, even when the uncontrollable cravings come up because I’ll teach you how to de-code them.


Your skin starts to clear up. The break-outs stop. It’s smoother than ever — and you didn’t even need to shell out a bunch of cash for Glossier products. Win!!


You’ve got more energy than you’ve had in years. The couch isn’t calling your name anymore, and 3 PM naps are a thing of the past.


At night, you’re falling asleep faster than you can say, “Damn, I look good!” You wake up well rested. And your snooze button? It’s starting to get dusty from under-use!


When you look in the mirror, you give yourself the up-down nod of approval. Foxy! Meow! *Wolf whistle*


Your clothes are looser. You can easily slip on your jeans, Lululemons, and new jumpsuit from TopShop without doing that *jump up and down pull pull pull* dance (We’ve all been there)


You’re more emotionally centered because you’re no longer using food as a coping mechanism or way to heal your anxiety or pain. Now food is what food was always meant to be — a way to nourish your body.


The negative self-talk is gone. Instead of saying harmful things to yourself, you’re treating yourself with the level of love and respect you deserve. And others around you can see the change.


You’re in the best relationship ever with yourself — and it’s gonna last a lifetime!


You’re feeling confident, strong and accomplished. You did it! And now you have the tools to stay on track — for life.


Don’t believe you can do this?
Let me be the first to tell you:

But if you need more proof, meet these women who’ve hit their goals inside The Ayurvedic Body Transformation. Here is what they say:

‘Neha’s program has changed my whole life!

She has changed the way I think about food, not just in terms of the amount but also the types of food that align with my body type. For the first time in a really long time I stopped using calorie counting apps like MyFitnesspal. Being obese as a child and struggling with my weight, I never thought it was possible to live life without counting calories. Now, I’m seeing major changes in my body just by following her program.

I am finally starting to make peace with my past, and with Neha’s help, I have started to see who I truly am. Who I have always been. I just had been hiding her under layers and layers of emotional eating, excess weight, & a self-sabotaging inner dialogue. I finally feel in control. And I owe all of my progress to Neha.

–– Tanya Thanawalla

“For 2-3 years I was in an unhealthy funk that I couldn’t pull myself out of and nothing was working.

I finally committed to Neha’ method because everything she talks about and believes in aligned with what I was looking for. Neha’s program was a life altering journey and step for me. I lost over 20 pounds in 3 months. 20 pounds of emotional and physical excess I’ve been carrying around. Today I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time and I’m attracting people and situations I’ve wanted to manifest for a very long time.”

–– Devika Paul (lost over 20 pounds in 3 months)

‘Earlier, I was not able to understand my body, whether I should focus on carbs or fats, what to eat and what to avoid.

With Neha’s guidance, I focused on quality and quantity of food. I Lost 7.5 kgs in 8 weeks! I am genuinely happy with my progress. Now I cant stop following my healthy regime! Thank you, Neha.

–– Abhijeet Singh
(lost 17 pounds in 8 weeks)

“I am down 10 pounds and have a “max” weight that I have not surpassed in the past month even if I have my cheat days. I’ve built a strong foundation because of Neha's program.

–– Forum S
(lost 10 pounds in a month)


The Ayurvedic Body Transformation: What’s Inside

12-Module, Online Course Hosted by Neha Premjee

I am SPOILING you, ladies! This course includes the works on body and mindset transformation including discovering your unique dosha, optimized food lists, worksheets, bonus modules, and more. Take a peak at what’s inside.

MODULE 1: Your Mindset

This module goes deep into understanding how to work with your mind, how to change the way you view yourself, and manifestation principles for a lean body. I first show you common blocks to watch out for and then teach you how to prime your subconscious mind to make you feel UNSTOPPABLE on your health journey.

Module 2: Eating For Your Unique Body/Dosha

This module dives deep into figuring out your body type. I’ll teach you how to correct imbalances in your body and start to shift into your natural state of being. This module will give you major clarity on why you’re drawn to certain foods and how to bridge the gap between what you THINK you should be eating and what your body actually desires.
BONUS: Food lists included!

Module 3: Ayurvedic Food Combining Practices

In this module, I’ll show you how to combine food as per the rules of Ayurveda that’ll keep your digestion as smooth as butter. We also talk all things protein, metabolism, and supplements and I answer all your questions so that you have inner clarity when implementing your new plan!

Module 4: Listen to Your Body When It’s Full

Learn how to lose weight without trying to do any of that restrictive nonsense, and dial into a feel-good routine that also works! No more waking up and eating based on what your mood is while you Google ‘how to lose 20 pounds’.

Module 5: Your Daily FLow/Weight Loss Routine

We’ll break down the difference between biological and emotional cravings, what to eat if you have a nutrient deficiency (you can identify this based on what types of foods you crave), and the Ayurvedic perspective on balancing the 6 tastes to make sure food feels palatable and pleasurable, just the way it's supposed to!

Food lists for each dosha.
An Ayurvedic shopping list.
My personal lifestyle guide, so you can follow along and know exactly what to do!

Module 6: The Six Tastes of Ayurveda and Cravings

In this section, I’ll teach you how you can lose weight without going hungry (Hint: it’s possible. And easy. Stick with me.)

Bonus: I’ve included food lists for each dosha, an Ayurvedic shopping list and my personal lifestyle guide so you know exactly what to do in case anything is unclear.

Module 7: Exercise & Workouts

Want to know how often to work out and what to do in a way that both gets results and feels good? I’ll show you why doing what you love is the best way to build consistency.
A Monthly workout plan! (Note you do not have to follow this routine, it’s just there for you in case you are looking for an equipment-free routine you can use from the comfort of your own home.)

Module 8: Water, Rest & Self-Care

Discuss 3 practical ways to shake yourself out of your funk in case laziness, sluggishness or inertia take over. You’ll learn how to be gentle with yourself while also instantly putting yourself back in a high vibe and continuing on!

Modules 9: Implement Like a Queen

In this module, I outline the most common blocks I see, how to not let them get to you, and how to lose weight from a high self-worth, internally confident place.

Module 10: Conclusion

Cement a sustainable plan for your future, ensuring the weight you’ve shed stays off for good. You’ll leave equipped with lifelong strategies not just for maintaining your ideal weight, but for thriving in a lifestyle of balanced wellness and enduring confidence.

Bonus #1:  All or Nothing Tendency

If you’ve ever been in the cycle of “I’m not eating chocolate from today onwards” but that rapidly turns into “one piece only” which turns into the whole bar which turns into “forget it, I’ve screwed up today, I’ll start fresh tomorrow” - you’re going to want to DIVE IN HEADFIRST into this module! I show you where this thinking pattern comes from, and why it happens. You’ll receive a step-by-step breakdown of what to do to heal your inner perfectionist. Because progress is much better than perfection. 

Bonus #2: 4 Keys to Your Best Body

This mindset and energetics module walks you through the 4 non-negotiable keys that most athletes and weight loss success stories embody. 

And because I love spoiling you, there’s even more!

Exclusive Free Access to My: Confidence Queen Masterclass ($500 VALUE!)

Exclusive Free Access to My: Confidence Queen Masterclass ($500 VALUE!)
Has gaining weight affected your confidence and the way that you show up? It certainly affected me! In this bonus masterclass, I dive into the roots of where confidence comes from, the two prongs of a confident person, and how you can cultivate rock-solid self-trust so that you shine from the inside out!

Included BONUSES:

  • Food lists for your dosha ($150 Value!)
  • Ayurvedic grocery shopping list ($50 Value!)
  • Monthly workout plan ($200 Value!)
  • Lifestyle guide with food combining guidelines

Inside The Ayurvedic Body
Transformation, you will receive:


The Ayurvedic Body Transformation Course (12 Video Modules with Neha): $4,000 Value 

Confident Queen Masterclass: $500 Value

Course Bonus Content: $400 Value

Total Course Value: Nearly $5,000!

Your investment today is only a fraction of that!

Pay in full


3 monthly payments


“Now I can still enjoy my social life without harming my body, by choosing what’s good for me.

Neha has changed my life. From the way of eating to believing in myself. I finally have control of my body. Understanding food at a different level that helps me in all ways. I have a complete different understanding with my food. Now I can still enjoy my social life without harming my body, by choosing what’s good for me. Thank you Neha!!”

–– Arati Lakhani, New York
(lost 15 pounds in 3 months)


Queen, you only get one body.

It’s the holy vessel your soul comes here inside. And it’s worthy of allllll your love and devotion. You deserve radiant skin, shiny hair, strong bones, healthy organs, easy digestion, restful sleep, flexibility, vibrancy and health.

You deserve being fit and comfortable for the vacations, the birth of your children, your future wedding, your 50th anniversary, that trip to Japan you’ve been planning.


Let me show you how.



What is the Ayurvedic Body Transformation?
The Ayurvedic Body Transformation is an online course that teaches you what to eat based on your unique body type to lose weight with ease. It is based on the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda applied to reduce excess weight.

Is Ayurveda right for me?
Yes! Ayurveda is an ancient practice with roots in India, and there’s a reason it has so much staying power! It’s customised, and has been adopted across countries and continents. It’s been used by everyone from Jennifer Aniston and Gwenyth Paltrow to middle-aged moms in Wisconsin. It’s helped those with PCOS, endometriosis, diabetes, high cholesterol and other health problems feel more at peace in their bodies.

What’s included in the course?
The Ayurvedic Body Transformation is a complete, step-by-step system engineered to teach you how to tap into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Inside these modules, you’ll discover everything you need to know about maintaining your body’s most natural state of health including: what to eat, how to manage cravings, grocery shopping, meal prep ideas, and workouts that get results. Of course, that’s just the beginner. If you really want to transform your body, you’ll need to focus on your brain as well. That’s why The Ayurvedic Body Transformation is infused with mindset upgrades and mental tricks to support you in speaking to yourself, processing your emotions, and leaning into your new identity as a Healthy + Vibrant woman. You’ll receive affirmations, deep dive journaling questions, and planners to keep you on track too.

What results can I expect?
I’ve personally used The Ayurvedic Body Transformation to drop 70 extra pounds and keep them off for years. To date, I’ve supported hundreds of women inside my programs, where they’d been able to achieve: clear skin, easier digestion, increased levels of energy, lowered or stopped medications altogether, balanced their hormones, dropping pants sizes, growing longer and thicker hair, sleeping better, feeling calmer and more peaceful, and skyrocketing their confidence levels.

Of course, those are only the physical changes! You might also notice: strutting down the street because you’re so proud of your body, putting healthy boundaries in place in your relationships, going on more dates, buying clothes you used to only fantasize about, and stepping into a more powerful version of yourself. (Everyone will notice. Trust me.)

How do I join The Ayurvedic Body Transformation?
Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a checkout page. Once you’re enrolled, I’ll send over a welcome email and access instructions faster than you can say, “Damn, I look hot today!!”

How long do I have access to The Ayurvedic Body Transformation?
Lifetime access, baby! I understand everybody’s weight loss journey is different and can take a varying amount of time, which is why you’ll have access to the modules for as long as you need them. You can watch a video every time you need a mindset check or a hit of motivation to keep going.

Do you offer refunds?
After helping hundreds of women achieve their health and body goals, I’m confident that the strategies I’ve shared work (if you do). For this reason, there are no refunds.

If you are unsure about whether TABT is the right fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach us at support@nehapremjee.com and we will be happy to answer any questions for you!