with Ayurvedic Weight Loss Expert Neha


What if you could wake up every morning in your best shape ever feeling head over heels in love with your body?

Grateful AF to be at your body’s natural ideal weight?

No longer staring at the scale in frustration, feeling held back, underconfident or putting off the rest of your life until you lose weight?

Radiating that twirl-in-the-mirror, wear the fancy dress, go on allllll the hot dates levels of confidence in your skin?

Hi, I’m Neha

Before I became an Ayurvedic Weight Loss Expert, I was an average woman struggling to feel good in my body.

On paper, I had the dream life — I grew up in a privileged family in Mumbai, went to a great college (University of Chicago), and my work and lifestyle allowed me to travel the world (And I've been to over 60 countries!). But inside, all I really wanted to do was hide.

At my heaviest I weighed 90 Kilograms (that’s 200 pounds for you Americans). I was so uncomfortable, I found myself skipping nights out with my friends, avoiding dating altogether, being really anxious and approval seeking and second guessing everything I put into my mouth.

I’d put off the biggest and smallest aspects of my life like buying clothes I loved saying “once I lose the weight”, or allowing myself to date “once I lose weight”.


Because we all know — it’s never just about the excess weight. It’s about how that weight makes you feel … and how it holds you back from living your best life.

I tried everything to lose weight. I counted calories, did excess cardio, even several stints at weight loss centers that were DESIGNED to help me — only to find myself in that all-too-familiar yo-yo cycle of losing and gaining. And each time I “failed” to achieve my goals, I’d step on the scale with major disappointment and my confidence and self-esteem took a major hit.

It took me years to realize that my “lack of self control” wasn’t the problem. I could very easily achieve my goal and keep the weight off. The weight loss methods I was choosing were! 

So, I decided to tune out the noise, turn back to my Indian heritage, and lean into the healing of yoga and Ayurveda.

After losing 81 pounds of weight, I’m proudly at 119 lbs today. I’m grateful to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself: physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

It's my passion to use everything I learned to help you lose the weight (and the insecurities that come with it), and I've been called one of India's leading health and fitness experts by GQ magazine for my work.

Today I help Queens like you lose weight,

become deliciously magnetic with a clean, fit, toned body and

live the life you’ve been putting on hold...until now.



Holistic Weight Loss

I believe losing weight is about so much more than the diet plan and exercise routine. It’s about who you need to become to continue to maintain your new body and Queen vibe.

Successfully losing and keeping off the weight works when you find inner stability - you don’t rely on fad diets, starvation, calorie counting or running on the treadmill until your legs fall asleep.

Instead, I teach a 3-part weight loss system that’s backed by ancient wisdom AND modern practices. The results?

Women lose anywhere between 10 upto 100 (and more!) pounds inside my containers - and they keep it off.

Here are the 3 parts of my framework that make my system work.



To lose weight, you need to feed your unique body. What works for you won’t work for someone else, and here’s where Ayurveda comes in. This is the foundational strategy. You learn what to eat and how much to move so that your body gets primed into losing weight on autopilot.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old science that teaches you how to customise and find a unique food plan that works for YOUR individual body type. It’s based on your doshas. Once you know your dosha, and where your unique imbalances lie, you'll be able to use food as medicine to correct them and achieve balance from the inside. You'll shed pounds quickly and meet your weight loss journey from a place of harmony without starving yourself or feeling deprived in the process.



It’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to lose weight before now. Excess weight usually stems from deep, unresolved emotional issues that have been a part of your life since childhood, or that you may have picked up during years of binging and restricting or finding comfort within food.

I work with you to get to the root of the issue, move through it, and then smooth that spot over with a heaping dose of self love and fresh behaviors and habits that serve you so that you nip it in the bud and never gain back the weight long after you are done losing it.



Weight loss isn’t only about your body. It’s also about the state of your mindset and energy. Are you in a scarcity, restrictive vibe around food, and does that drive you to ultimately binge eat?

Do you always seem to reach out for the chocolate with no control as to when you stop?

Are you constantly stressed about the number on the scale? Measuring not only your weight but also your self worth?

When you work energetically to re-calibrate to the right state of being FOR YOU, weight loss happens with so much ease. You stop second guessing every bite you put into your mouth. You wake with an inner confidence knowing exactly what you’re doing, the results it’s going to get you, and you see yourself shrink more and more each day as you come closer and closer to looking and feeling the best you ever have.

And best of all, it feels AMAZING.


The Ayurvedic Body Transformation


Weight loss does NOT have to be a difficult, starving process that drains you out and makes you “give up” living temporarily. It can be a fun journey where you are satisfied with the right foods as you reconnect with yourself and re-define who you are and how you show up to life.

When your diet and lifestyle strategy, emotional state and energetics are aligned and buzzing, weight loss transformation happens naturally and rapidly. You feel lit up from the inside, and that energy propels you forward towards your goals. You’ll feel vibrant, radiant and brimming with life force.

Queen transformations


Ruchi Shah

Ruchi lost 40 pounds in 4 months, and continued her weight loss journey losing over 50 pounds following the Ayurvedic method.

Ruchi’s triglycerides fell from 293 to 96 within 6 months of working together, and she avoided medications her doctor was going to put her on. 

I was very curious about Ayurveda and had started learning about it. I didn't have a proper idea about how to implement it in my daily life. I had expected to lose weight. I had expected to look great. I didn't expect it to feel easy, natural, and sustainable. I didn't expect it to feel fabulous. I am so happy Neha helped me lose 40 pounds, and the gift of confidence and joy that she has given me is priceless!


Dolly Adnani

Dolly lost 40 pounds in 4 months and reduced the frequency of seeing her counsellor

Neha Premjee changed my life. And I will never be the same. Ever heard the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? Well, Neha is a living example of it. I worked with Neha for 4 months and lost nearly 40 pounds. The biggest result I received, wasn’t surprisingly the weight loss.

She helped me understand my body through the help of Ayurveda. Neha’s patient, understanding, knowledgeable nature will help you get to your fitness goals. Neha once said the best investment you will make is towards yourself, and I now live by those words! Thank you, Neha.


Tanya Thanawalla

“Neha’s program has changed my whole life. I finally feel in control. And I owe all of my progress to Neha.”

Neha's program has changed my whole life! She has changed the way I think about food, not just in terms of the amount but also the types of food that align with my body type. For the first time in a really long time I stopped using calorie counting apps like MyFitnesspal. Being obese as a child and struggling with my weight, I never thought it was possible to live life without counting calories. Now, I'm seeing major changes in my body just by following her program, which she has designed specifically for my body type.

I am finally starting to make peace with my past, and with Neha's help, I have started to see who I truly am. Who I have always been. I just had been hiding her under layers and layers of emotional eating, excess weight, & a self-sabotaging inner dialogue. I finally feel in control. And I owe all of my progress to Neha.

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