How to stop postponing your weight loss journey


How to stop postponing your weight loss journey

If you keep postponing your weight loss until you’re “less busy” or “done travelling” or put it off until “after your guests have left” – I have to give you a reality check.


The “correct time” to get healthy and invest in it never magically appears in your schedule. You make the time by deciding it’s important enough.


The truth is you can lose weight at any time. Including right in this moment.


One of my Next Level Fit client lost 20 pounds in 3 months. She’s a perfect example to illustrate how life will always “get in the way”, but you have to choose what’s important to you.


She lost around a third of those 20 pounds while she was on vacation with her husband. She’s really successful and worked 50-60 hour weeks on average while she was in Next Level Fit mastermind.


She didn’t let “I’m too busy” or “I’m going to be on a holiday” stop her.


She made a powerful decision to lose weight, invested in herself and decided that I was the mentor she wanted because she liked my natural, soulful approach.


There are lots of things that Reema did correctly that I can talk about-  but the most important thing is that she took the first step by saying yes to herself.


I get that it can be scary to invest in yourself. 


But you also have to stop keeping yourself small by deciding that everything else – your job, family, investments or social life are more important than your health – because they really aren’t.💜


In fact, good health will enable you to thrive in all those areas too because you now pour from a full cup. 


You wake up each day feeling lighter and brighter, with a bounce in your step that may have been missing before.


You feel amazing, clean, fit and confident in yourself in a way that you never have before.


If you want to feel different, do something different.


I created Next Level Fit to be the nurturing intimate container to support you as you permanently change. To help you lose weight once and for all and become your best damn version in the process- because you are so, so worth it.



Head to this link to find out how and to discuss what the journey would look like for you.


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