How to get rid of your excess emotional weight


How to get rid of your excess emotional weight

Have you been keeping up with your healthy lifestyle and making all of the right and balanced changes, but you’ve still yet to see true transformation? 


That might be because you’ve only done the physical work, and you’re still carrying around a ton of emotional weight.


Ayurveda and Eastern Medicine is so beautiful because it recognises that we are one being – body, mind, and spirit.


There is no separation between the three and therefore, when we are treating one, we must treat the other two. 


I’ve found this becomes especially apparent when working with clients on their weight loss journeys. Often, we’ll create new routines and implement a new healthy lifestyle, and it will work for a little while. The weight will slowly begin to drop off. 


But then, inevitably, the weight loss hits a plateau. The client changes nothing – she’s still doing the healthy routine we worked on together, and she’s maintaining balance in her life. 


So her lifestyle gets a little more healthy and a little more balanced. Her exercise increases a bit. 


But still, the weight stays on. She’s not gaining, but she’s not losing, either. 


Does this sound familiar?


This is probably because you’re carrying around excess emotional weight.


The state of your emotions are manifesting in your physical body, showing that you’re carrying around a ton of heaviness. 


Here’s the thing: children are born knowing exactly who they are and allowing themselves the freedom to do as they please. They cry when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired, allow their emotions to come freely, and they play pretend for hours at a time. 


But as we grow, society and those we love forces us to change from the child we were. We can no longer eat or sleep whenever we want. Showing emotions is deemed bad. Playing in your imagination becomes “crazy.” 


This leads to a lot of emotional heaviness, which often manifests in the form of physical weight. 


If this is resonating with you, I want you to try the tips on the slides to call back to your inner child and shed the emotional baggage.


Get in touch with me here if you desire to get rid of the excess of emotional weight you’re carrying around.

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