The best teas for your Dosha


The best teas for your Dosha

Who here loves herbal teas?!

Drinking tea is a great way to relax, or get a burst of flavor when you’re craving something but you don’t need to eat.

Since Ayurvedic philosophy believes that herbs and spices can be used to heal the body, you can be strategic and choose a tea based on your unique dosha and/or imbalances.

For example: 

  • If you’re overweight (Kapha imbalance), you can choose stimulating teas that wake up a sluggish metabolism, like ginger or turmeric and black pepper.
  • If you tend to have acid reflux (Pitta imbalance), cooling herbs like peppermint or fennel seeds not only calm down an overactive digestive fire but also help clear the skin.
  • If you’re prone to diabetes or have constant sweet cravings (Kapha imbalance), cinnamon is a great choice due to the blood sugar balancing properties it has.

Here are the best teas that can help you reach internal balance depending on your dosha:


Vatas tend to be cold, so a hot cup of tea is a great idea. 

  • Ginger-lemon in particular is a tea that Vata types will find comforting. It boosts digestion which can be a big help. 
  • As Vatas are prone to poor sleep or insomnia, lavender or valerian root tea are helpful to drink in the evening before bed. These teas calm the nervous system and can aid Vata types in getting a better night’s sleep. 
  • Vatas are also prone to constipation, and warm water with lemon can help cleanse the system and stimulate bowels.


Pittas are hot by nature, so they should seek out teas that are cooling. 

  • Peppermint tea is perfect, making it great to drink in the summer as well, plus it’s good for an upset stomach. 
  • Another option for Pittas is chamomile tea, which helps relax the mind so it’s helpful for this dosha type which has a tendency to be overworked and stressed.


Kaphas need teas that are stimulating. 

  • Green tea is a great choice as it’s a stimulant which increases energy, plus it has detoxifying properties. 
  • Another excellent tea for Kaphas is white tea, which is also a great energy booster and high in antioxidants. 
  • Cinnamon also helps battle Kaphas’ notorious sweet tooth by lowering the risk of insulin resistance.

What’s your favorite tea? Have you tried the types recommended for your dosha? If you aren’t quite sure what your dosha is, head to the link here to take my Ayurvedic Dosha quiz to find out your type!

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