How to stop comparing your weight loss journey with others


How to stop comparing your weight loss journey with others

Two of my personal beliefs that have helped my clients lose 100+ pounds, ditch cancer medication and get their periods after 9 months of not getting it, are:


1) Everything you need to heal your body can be found within nature. Use fresh fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables to cleanse yourself.


2) Unresolved/trapped emotional stress manifests as illness/disease in the body. Work with the physical AND the emotional/energetic body for holistic (and permanent) healing.


This means that what YOUR unique body needs will be based on your composition, emotional experiences, tendencies, triggers, beliefs and behaviors.


So comparing your health to anybody elses’ is useless.


“If she’s losing 12 pounds per month, the 6 pounds I’m losing per month isn’t good enough.”😣


“If she weighs 120 pounds, my 140 isn’t good enough.”


If you think these thoughts- please stop.


When you allow yourself to get pulled into others’ journeys, you’re sending signals to your subconscious that where you are just isn’t good enough, and you’ll seek out validation externally.


What would life look like if you only craved internal validation? 


If you accepted where you are, with love, decided that you are the creator of your reality and you can make serious changes starting right now. How would you feel then? 


You get to choose to base your health around what makes you FEEL the best, instead of what those around you are doing.  


The best thing about being in this place is that you’ll literally shift your ENTIRE energy.


You’ll free up mental space to work on your beliefs and behaviors and stay in your lane as you change them.


Your journey is going to be completely different from the women you follow on Instagram, your best friend, and me!


Ayurveda prompts you to learn to work with the body you were given, focus on your mind-body connection instead of worrying about someone else.


If you are done living in comparison mode, and feel ready to stay in your line and receive high level support as you grow into your best self physically, emotionally and energetically – my Ayurvedic Body Transformation program is for you. Let’s improve your health and confidence, you deserve it.

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