How to identify your limiting beliefs when it comes to weight loss


How to identify your limiting beliefs when it comes to weight loss

If you’ve struggled with losing weight you have limiting beliefs that are coming in the way.


Embarking on a weight loss journey means that you get to look at those beliefs.


You get to look at where you’re in your own way as you grow into a stronger person both mentally and physically.


To help you drop into a deeper level of self-awareness, I’ve outlined a few limiting beliefs I often catch within my students:


Myth: Weight loss feels really, really hard 


Truth: Weight loss *can* feel easeful, provided you’re approaching it with the right strategy. It’s uncomfortable in the beginning when you make a change- what I like to call “new diet jet lag”. But once your body gets used to it, it feels easy and aligned! My students constantly tell me how surprised they are at how easy it feels once they dial into the right strategy.


Myth: I can’t stick to my plan.


Truth: You’re inconsistent because deep down inside you hate your plan. Either that, or somewhere you feel unworthy of the results or scared by them. You get to look at where you’ve put off weight loss because of a deeper resistance to change. The worthiness piece is a huge part of what I teach you to overcome in The Ayurvedic Body Transformation.


Myth: It’s impossible for me, it’s easier for “her”


Truth: Anyone can lose weight. It’s easier for some body types and people of certain ages, but it’s NEVER impossible. Yes, even if your hormones give you trouble, you can incorporate a corrective diet to stabilize & correct your weight. The truth is your body does not WANT to be overweight. It wants to work its best for you.


If you’ve believed any of these myths, it’s time to change your mindset and believe the TRUTH.


Anyone can lose weight and it gets to be EASY.


You get to feel sexy, confident, and joyful every single day.


My course, The Ayurvedic Body Transformation, gives you the tools to sustain a healthy mind-body connection, and a solid strategy on how to make weight loss feel easy. You’ll learn how to nourish your body intuitively without having to feel like it’s something you struggle to “stick” to and instead something you feel powerful in maintaining with ease.

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