How to reach your fitness goals sustainably


How to reach your fitness goals sustainably

My love, if you start your weight loss journey over and over again, you’ve likely told yourself “this time it will be different.”


And yet… it never is. 


You’re following a bunch of new Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts, and you’ve told yourself that if you get hyper restrictive for just 2 or 3 weeks, you’ll shed the weight in no time. 


You want to… 


  • Exercise for hours every day….justttttt until those few pounds are gone.
  • Cut out carbs, fats….basically anything with calories.
  • Obsessively check the scale multiple times a day for changes, especially after you pee.
  • Countdown to track everything you eat, drink, and do.


Trust me, I know it seems like this is the way to go. You think if you can just get through a few weeks, you’ll never have to worry about it again. 


That’s not how a sustainable weight loss journey works. It’s the idea you’ve been fed, but that idea is wrong on so many levels. 


First of all, it’s almost impossible to last more than a week with that sort of torturously restrictive plan in place. You restrict, restrict, restrict… until you fully give up on day 3 and have a MASSIVE binge because your body has been crying out for any sort of normalcy. For nourishment. For the things you NEED from food, which I’m sorry but a supplement or tea just can’t deliver in quite the same way.


And even if you did pull this off and went for 2-3 weeks on a super restrictive, exercise heavy diet, the weight’s going to come right back the second you resume normal eating


Pushing yourself into restriction is only going to set you up for a massive binge later on because you haven’t approached your weight loss journey with the right energy. You’re coming from a place of desperation and heavy need, and that’s what’s propelling you forward as you shed the weight. 


The second that desperation disappears because you’ve met your goal… the weight returns. You binge eat because you feel starved. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. 


Instead, why not fix your problem at the ROOT by changing the way you think and feel – about yourself, the weight loss journey and your ability to meet your fitness goals?


When you approach your body from a place of fulfillment, love and high self worth, results come in so much faster, better and more sustainably.


It’s my zone of genius to activate women into losing every last pound they desire, and I would love to help you understand how you might be in your own way! 



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