My personal 70lb weight loss transformation story


My personal 70lb weight loss transformation story

I used to be incredibly overweight.

At my heaviest, I weighed almost 200 pounds (90 kg).

I had a “perfect” external reality – I grew up in a privileged family in Mumbai, attended the University of Chicago, and worked in a job that let me travel the world. I had been to over 60 countries in my mid twenties alone – I am a published author and I’ve even spoken at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.

I wasn’t truly, internally happy through any of this, though, because I hated my body and the excess weight it carried.

Externally, I was living an incredible life ridden with achievement. But, internally, it felt like a nightmare. I was not happy with how I looked.

Because I couldn’t actually enjoy the life I had built for myself. There was almost no point having all of that success if I didn’t feel lit up through it. I was completely trapped in my negative thoughts, self-doubt and insecurities.

I couldn’t call in the love I wanted, because I barely loved myself.

I tried everything to change my dislike of my body. Every crash diet you could think of. I went to retreat centers and tried juice fasts.

There was nothing I thought about more than my future body after my weight loss transformation.

So what happened during my crazy phase of trying absolutely anything to lose weight?

I didn’t achieve my goal, or find inner peace.

I indefinitely postponed the rest of my life, and consciously denied myself happiness by saying, “after I lose some weight”. I continued to wake up each day worried about my weight, stressed out and feeling like a failure that had no self control.

It took me years to realise my “lack of self control” wasn’t the problem, the methods I was choosing to get me to my goals were.

My loves, just because you spent your past being overweight and haven’t reached your weight loss goal yet, just because you’ve tried and failed a few too many times than you’d like to admit, doesn’t mean that you are any less deserving or any less likely to reach it in the future.

Whoever you are right now, however you see yourself today, doesn’t destine you to be that way forever.

Whoever you are right now, doesn’t mean you won’t achieve your own weight loss transformation 3 months from right now.

And I know that you need to hear that now, because I needed to hear that back then.

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