What is happening to you if you check your weight multiple times a day


What is happening to you if you check your weight multiple times a day

The weighing scale is a piece of sh*t.


There, I said it.


The scale is truly the biggest piece of sh*t if you’ve felt insecure by your weight.


Here’s why.


Anything that affects your self worth has power over you.


And you should take your power back, babe.


That means avoiding the scale until it no longer has the same emotional hold over you.


While I have no problem with *objectively* tracking your weight as data – the truth is that if you’ve struggled the number that gets reflected back to you will affect your self esteem.


Here’s what’s happening to you if you check your weight multiple times a day:


  • You step on the scale and hate the number. Either you use it as “angry motivation” to bang out 2 hours of cardio, or you become sad and subconsciously keep reaching out for snacks throughout the day because that number ruined your mood. 


  • You’re likely in a pattern of comfort eating if you’ve piled on excess weight, and being negatively triggered by your weight just caused you to do the exact thing (comfort eat) that caused the problem in the first place.


  • You try to tell yourself “it doesn’t matter”…but it DOES affect you. No matter how hard you deny it.


The biggest win of a weight loss journey is taking back your power. That means softening the hold that your weight has over you.


The more you let your weight control you – the more control it has over you.


Don’t let anything make you feel like you’re not good enough.


Because you are.


Even with the extra weight. Yes, you want to lose weight. And you absolutely should.


I’m the first person to scream from the rooftops that life feels AMAZING when you’re fit.


But such a huge part of that process is learning how to validate yourself through the healthy choices you’re making, not de-validate yourself through the number on the scale.


Everytime you prepare a nourishing meal or finish a good workout – validate how amazing you are, how clean you feel and how dialled in and disciplined you are.


Create momentum through positive personal reinforcement and watch that weight slide off.


At the end of the day, weight loss is simply a by-product of an already healthy lifestyle. So focus on that if you truly want to see the number on the scale drop.


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