The link between hormonal imbalances and excess weight


The link between hormonal imbalances and excess weight

You may not know it yet, but you could be experiencing a whole host of hormonal  issues within your body as a direct result of excess weight.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances and physical health issues, this then presents a complicated problem, because these imbalances can then further impact your ability to lose weight effectively, and so the cycle continues.

Here are just a few signs that you may have hormonal imbalances and other health issues that are related to excess weight on your body (and may be causing further weight gain):

  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Endometriosis
  • Loss of or low libido
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Stiffness
  • Mood swings 
  • Constant fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • PCOS
  • Acne

The problem with this complex cycle is that trying quick fixes or fad diets is a surface level attempt to fix a deep-rooted issue and that will never actually help you be completely rid of the problem. And what worked for someone else, might not work for you exactly. 

However, the first step to breaking this cycle is becoming aware that this isn’t the way it has to be. That there is more to your life than this. And that you can begin to heal.

The last thing I want is for you to continue living inside a body you don’t love – while also feeling worse than you have to.

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