How to choose the best breakfast depending on you dosha


How to choose the best breakfast depending on you dosha

I don’t know about you, but breakfast is awesome. I love my quiet, slow mornings where I get to enjoy a leisurely breakfast after I savor a cup of herbal tea (or black coffee, depending on the day).

But do you ever feel confused about what you should be eating for breakfast?

Maybe you’re not sure if your breakfast should be protein-heavy or carb-focused to give you the energy you need. Or maybe you’re not a fan of eating in the morning and wonder if it’s necessary at all.

Look to your Ayurvedic dosha to understand exactly what the best breakfast is for YOUR unique body type.


As Vatas are light, cool, and dry, it’s important to eat something grounding and nourishing to start out your day. Look for something warm energetically and in temperature and comforting with some healthy fat in it. Oatmeal cooked with ghee is ideal, with some walnuts for added protein and healthy fats and warming spices like cinnamon, which aid with digestion (often a problem area for Vatas). Avoid fasting as that can provoke irregular appetite. Avoid smoothies, which are too cold for Vata types, plus the lack of chewing confuses your digestion.


Pittas are hot and fiery, so breakfast should be cool and soothing. A green smoothie made with spinach and coconut water is the perfect morning meal for Pittas. It’s also best for Pitta types to avoid coffee, as it will only add more heat and can create imbalance, making you too acidic and irritated during the day. You can also choose cooling yogurt with toasted granola or a natural cereal with cold milk.


Kapha types are prone to feeling heavy and lethargic, so breakfast should be kept on the lighter side. Fresh fruit that’s in season is a perfect choice for Kaphas (right now that means pomegranates, apples, and pears). And if you aren’t hungry in the morning, don’t feel obligated to eat breakfast at all! Most of all, avoid heavy breakfasts like sweet pastries or eggs, which will weigh you down and make you feel tired.


What’s your go-to breakfast food!? Do you eat for your dosha? If you’re still unsure about your dosha type, I’ve created a simple quiz that will help you start.

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