The real reason you’re not losing weight


The real reason you’re not losing weight

Why can’t I lose weight

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for years — this is for you.

After more than eight years in this industry, I’ve noticed that there is a key piece missing in the conversation surrounding weight loss. And this might be the main reason why you can’t lose weight…

Everyone will talk to you about calorie deficit, restrictive diets, even meditation, hypnosis or visualization.

While some of the information that’s out there is valid and helpful (a lot of it is damaging and destructive), there is one key missing piece that ties it all together.

And that is: energetics.

The dance between knowing yourself, trusting yourself, loving yourself, honoring yourself and then encouraging yourself to take aligned action towards your weight loss goals is a delicate one and it is the key ingredient that most weight loss strategies are missing.

Yes, you need a plan.
Yes, you need to take action.
Yes, you need to consider the calories you consume and the calories you burn.
You need the strategy, the concrete steps, and the guidance, of course.

But if that’s all it took, you would have been able to do it the first time you tried. Every fad diet out there would never have made it mainstream. The extreme diet culture wouldn’t be profiting off something you have so greatly struggled with.

The key thing that nobody else wants to talk about, is probably the most important piece of the whole equation. And it was exactly what helped me to lose 70 pounds (and stay at my ideal weight) and it’s the magic that helps every one of my clients see extraordinary results.

And that is simply to understand the energetics behind getting what you really want in a way that makes it more enjoyable and, by default, more sustainable.

You need to learn how to trust the version of yourself that doesn’t exist yet, how to listen to her and embody her completely, how to make decisions as if you are her already.

You already know what you need, more or less. You’ve already tried all of the diets. You are a smart and powerful woman that has achieved great things with her life. You don’t need someone to simply give you the strategy or a plan and let it be.

You also need to understand the energetics behind why you keep falling back into these patterns, and how to heal them for good.

This is the true magic, queen.

If you’re ready to learn more about the energetics of weight loss and how this could be the key piece missing in your journey, head to the link here to get in touch and see how I can help through my 1-1 coaching program.

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